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Destination Français

The art of learning French

Destination Français -The art of Provençal living  
You are living in Aix-en-Provence and would like to learn French in situ  
Destination Français proposes lively, fun and practical French courses  
in small groups or tailor-made lessons / sessions.  
Whilst visiting Provence you would like to explore more but the language seems too foreign and intimidating ?  
Destination Français can accompany you on an intimate tour of Aix-en-Provence sharing the local culture and traditions and providing you with useful French vocabulary and phrases.

They trusted us
" Je tiens à vous remercier pour l’excellente prestation que vous nous avez fournie, votre réactivité et votre grande adaptabilité dans ce contexte de profonds changements au sein de notre organisation."  
Charline Donner, Airbus Group Learning Service 
" This was a wonderful program for a real beginner in French . Fabienne and Chantal were friendly, encouraging and attentive to our level of knowledge. The working trips around Aix were great. They placed the vocabulary in context ang gave us some pratice in using our French  
I ‘ll give the program a rave when I provide AHI with feedback."
John, a AHI participant

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During your French course, you will be accompanied by experienced French teachers.
I have always been interested in other cultures and peoples, foreign languages, sharing, welcoming, learning and asking questions. 
 That is why I chose to study foreign languages (English / German) at the Sorbonne University. Afterwards I started working abroad
(Kenya / Germany / Italy and Great-Britain).
 It was at the Alliance Française in Mombasa, Kenya that I took up teaching French as a Foreign Language for young children and hotel trade employees in 1995. This triggered my future love for teaching. 
 Since 1999, I have been teaching in Aix-en-Provence. At that time, I met Chantal, we became friends and decided to create our own language school, Destination Français, in 2008. Our school links learning French in a friendly way and also in context (i.e. in its environment), as there is nothing like learning the language with French people.
 We have accompanied learners from various nationalities, different backgrounds, ages, motivations and also levels 
(from beginner to advanced).
We look forward to meeting you,


From the age of 15, my various language courses in Ireland, England, Spain, Germany and Greece gave me the taste for human encounters, 
foreign cultures and languages. Following my language studies at Aix en Provence university (Masters in Applied Foreign Languages English / German, language teaching degree in FLE, French as a foreign language) and in Leeds in England

(Higher Diploma in international business), I started teaching French as a foreign language in 1997 in Aix en Provence with passion and creativity 
In 2008, endowed with a rich professional experience, I decided to create our own school Destination Français with Fabienne.  
We respond to the needs our students have expressed through the years, by ensuring that the Destination Français method is always dynamic, fun and delivered in a practical, cultural context.
For 7 years, the complementarity of our know-how, our personalities and our significant teaching experience bring strength and richness to this great human adventure that teaching a foreign language represents.



Our unique methode of contextual classes
During the first class
, you will experience practical and cultural French
in real situations in Aix en Provence. 
The aim of combining practical and cultural French is to help you with your everyday needs and to create genuine encounters with French people. This approach will help you to immerse yourself in your environment, and leads to a better understanding of French life and culture. It will also allow you to improve your grammar and vocabulary, based on real situations.
 Discovering grammar points and new vocabulary in context allows you to understand and remember them more easily. You can refer back to a real situation in order to remember a new language point.
During the second class, you will analyse your experiences in order
to extract grammatical and lexical elements. 
The 2nd class will be held in a tea-room in Aix en Provence.

The communicative method
You learn French from authentic documents and oral situations.

★ Solo : € 30 /hour
★ Doublette : € 25 /hour
★ Groupe : € 15 /hour

Classes for au pair
The classes are tailored to the au Pair’s needs in her / his every day tasks with the children in the French family and in her /his discovery of the French life 

★ € 190 for 4h / week
during 1 month

group of 8 persons maximum 
 Conversation classes
These Conversation classes are adapted to the level of the learner, allowing to increase vocabulary and enhance the grammar knowledge from a proposed discussion or an oral activity

★ € 30 per 1h30

Language travel
 Contact us for a tailored program


Bienvenue en Provence
Are  you pondering where to go on holidays. 
Why not come and visit the famous yet human-sized city
of Aix-en-Provence ? 
This charming city is located right in the heart of the sunny Provence.

While staying in Aix, many various activities are on offer :
wandering in Cézanne’s steps, 
climbing the magnificent Sainte-Victoire Mountain,
sipping a café au lait on one of the numerous terraces,
visiting art museums, 
enjoying Provençal cuisine or else taking French classes.

Bear in mind that Aix-en-Provence lies within 45 minutes of the sea and thus you can experience swimming in the Mediterranean Sea next to the impressive Cassis cliffs.  
The Aix countryside can also provide you with astonishing landscapes such as lavender or sunflower fields in the summer.
What are you waiting for ?
We will be glad to accompany you during your stay in Aix.

French for travellers
You need to get by in your daily life during your stay in France ? 
You need to communicate politely with the French without causing any faux pas ?
We offer you different practical, cultural and linguistic tours to help you enjoy the most of your stay in Provence.  
Choose from our cultural and gourmet tours to discover Aix in an intimate and original way.  
 Includes : a bilingual booklet of practical informations  
★ € 40 for 2 hours
Contact us for more details about the different tours

A Table
We offer you a practical, cultural and linguistic workshop for restaurant use while travelling in France.
It will take place in a typical French restaurant in Aix.  
Includes : a practical bilingual booklet  
★ € 30 pour 2h (meal not included)

Traditions in Provence workshop
  Discover the different celebrations and traditions in Provence.
 ★ € 30 for 2 heures

Walk on the Sainte Victoire with Fabienne

Discover Marseille with Chantal

We are at your service for any information.



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Where to buy your books recommended by Destination Français
Librairie anglaise café BOOK IN BAR
4 rue Joseph Cabassol 
Tel: 04 42 26 60 07 
Open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00

 Information about the Provence alpes Côte d’Azur region 
For your children
 Kid & sens
 Kid & Sens is a baby-friendly tea-room which offers to young parents and their children the way to create, explore and share good moments together, through the whole activities that are proposed : baby-sign, music, english, spanish, theatre, painting, cooking, sewing, story telling ... See you soon !
Where to eat in Aix en Provence
★ Le jardin d'Almalula

Le BAcaro

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